Undergraduate School: UCLA

Medical School: UC Davis

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

Having completed medical school at UC Davis, I knew this program would be a great fit. With an interest in healthcare policy and legislature, I love being close to the capitol and having the opportunity to engage in media advocacy. The faculty and residents at Davis are truly remarkable, and I am thrilled to be joining their team!

Clinical Areas of Interest: PEM, NICU

Hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, furniture rehabilitation, running with my pup!

Undergraduate School: Dartmouth College

Medical School: A.T. Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I was initially drawn to the program’s wonderful blend of academic medicine and community health/advocacy, especially opportunities in legislative advocacy. Additionally, I was confident that with the large catchment area, I would be exposed to diverse pathologies and patient populations. Equally important, I was impressed by how much the residents supported one another, and with a medium-sized class, I felt like it would be the perfect environment for me to learn and grow as a pediatric resident. Sacramento is also an amazing city – great food and craft brewery scene, lots of outdoor activities, and fantastic weather year-round!

Clinical Areas of Interest: General outpatient pediatrics, hospitalist medicine, community health and advocacy.

Hobbies: Hiking, trying new food and restaurants, wine, exercising, playing and photographing my dog, spending time with friends and family

Undergraduate School: University of California, Davis

Medical School: University of California, Davis

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I love the UC Davis Program because of the diversity of the Sacramento population, wide catchment area served by the health system, and the program’s commitment to child advocacy. I also love the inclusive and supportive environment at UC Davis. I feel welcomed by current residents who are genuine, intelligent, and kind. I’ve been continually impressed by the enthusiasm, devotion to teaching, and warmhearted nature of pediatric faculty at UC Davis. There’s an endless number of dedicated mentors and wonderful role models. I plan to practice as a rural pediatrician in primary care and I am confident that the training I receive at UC Davis will prepare me to be an excellent clinician and a future leader in my community.

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Pediatrics, Child Advocacy

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, taking my dog to the American River, Netflix, shopping, traveling, scuba diving

Undergraduate School: University of California, Los Angeles

Medical School: Meharry Medical College

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I chose the UC Davis Residency Program because I had a great experience on interview day, and I felt I would be supported throughout residency. The residents and faculty were friendly, welcoming, and seemed happy to be at UC Davis. I was also excited about the program’s unique advocacy opportunities, commitment to community health, and focus on resident wellness. Additionally, I am originally from a small city in the Central Valley and was excited at the prospect of returning to the Central Valley and serving this diverse community.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Hospital Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care, General Pediatrics

Hobbies: Puzzles, boardgames, hiking, reading, watching movies/shows, baking, petting dogs

Undergraduate School: Reed College

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

On my interview day, I was so excited by the breadth of opportunities in advocacy, community engagement, and research at UC Davis. My interviewers were all incredible people who I was excited to meet face-to-face and work together with. I really could see myself working at UC Davis with such a passionate group of faculty and residents.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Neonatology

Hobbies: Gardening, food preservation, cooking, podcasts

Undergraduate School: University of Washington

Medical School: University of California, Davis

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I ultimately decided to stay at UC Davis for my pediatric residency because of the support and mentorship I have here. I am also excited to serve a wide population base with patients from different backgrounds that come from all over the northern California region. Additionally, I have really enjoyed living in Sacramento for the past 4 years and have found it to be filled with welcoming people, delicious food, and tons of fun outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking near Sacramento as well as in Tahoe, San Francisco, and Yosemite.

Clinical Areas of Interest:  Neonatology, medical education, global health

Hobbies: Watercolor painting, barre, and baking


Undergraduate School: UC San Diego

Medical School: University of Miami

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I chose the UC Davis Residency Program because I had the best feeling coming out of that interview. One of the faculty I interviewed with worked with my former pediatrician, who was a big inspiration for me to become a doctor. I could tell this program had a truly supportive learning environment, and I loved that UC Davis had won an award for community outreach. Also, Sacramento is one of THE most diverse cities in California, and I knew I'd learn a lot from the patient population.

 Clinical Areas of Interest: Primary Care, Pediatric Endocrinology

 Hobbies: Running, swimming, biking, yoga, and ultimate frisbee

Undergraduate School: California State University, Stanislaus

Medical School: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

The UC Davis Pediatric Residency program encompassed all that I wanted in a training program. The PD and faculty blew me away on my interview day with how friendly and compassionate they were. I instantly knew that I wanted them as my mentors. The residents were best friends, clearly happy and loved their program. Sacramento itself is extremely diverse, a beautiful place to live, and, for me, close to my family! The emphasis on community advocacy and legislative work truly drew me to the program as well as the opportunity to train at two amazing FQHCs with such a medically underserved population in a large catchment area won me over. After my interview day, I just knew I wanted to become a part of the UC Davis family!

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine

Hobbies: Anything outdoors, finding new cute coffee shops to read at, traveling, and time with family and friends!

Undergraduate School: Washington University in St. Louis

Medical School:  Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at the University of Buffalo

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

When I interviewed at UC Davis, I felt a warmth and a welcoming presence from every single person on my interview day. Even though it was a virtual interview, I could tell that this was a close and supportive community which is one of the main things I was looking for in a residency program. I could tell UC Davis would provide me the resources, support and mentoring I need to pursue my future career goals. Plus, it allowed me the opportunity to come back to California for residency and be closer to my family!

Clinical Areas of Interest: Neonatology, Critical Care, Clinical Research

Hobbies: Dancing, Painting/Sketching, Reading Italian literature, Eating good food & wine

Undergraduate School: UC Davis

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I fell in love with the Sacramento area during my time as an undergraduate student at UC Davis. Having spent two years volunteering at Paul Hom Asian Clinic, a student-run clinic at UC Davis, I worked closely with several faculty and was impressed by how passionate they were about teaching and caring for underserved communities. On interview day, I was reminded of how kind, friendly, and welcoming people at UC Davis are. I was overjoyed to match at UC Davis alongside my significant other and to finally return home!

Clinical Areas of Interest: General Outpatient Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Medical Education, Community Health & Advocacy

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, amusement park rides, jigsaw puzzles, reading, playing Nintendo games, singing in the car, Zumba

Undergraduate School: Brigham Young University

Medical School: Rush Medical College

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

It was the feeling I had during and after my interview. It was evident that the residents had great relationships with the attendings and sincerely enjoyed working together. The program was also the perfect size for me and would support the career goals I have through mentorship, supported research, and teaching opportunities while also supporting me personally and my family. I also loved that my family and I could live and work in a diverse area where we could enjoy all the outdoor adventures we like to go on. 

Clinical Areas of Interest: Cardiology

Hobbies: Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Playing sports and games, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. 

Undergraduate School: Harvard College

Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I wanted to continue my training at a program where I could care for a wide variety of patients,

Davis is my hometown, and I wanted to be close to my family again after attending college and medical school across the country. During my interview day, I was struck by how warm and welcoming the program directors and residents were. I was also very impressed by the quality of the training program and opportunities for research, subspecialties, and resident wellness! Despite having a virtual interview day over Zoom, I was drawn to the program and its people, which was a very good sign. I am excited to be training at such a great institution that is so close to home!

Clinical Areas of Interest: Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology, Adolescent Health, Advocacy

Hobbies: Violin, piano, biking, dancing, baking, reading, badminton

Undergraduate School: UC Irvine

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?

I chose UC Davis because I admire the programs focus on advocacy, the optimal size of the residency class for a supportive working environment, the importance of resident education as described on interview day and the proximity of the institution to my family. 

Clinical Areas of Interest: Critical care, cardiology, NICU

Hobbies: Soccer, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, cooking,