Formal didactic instruction in the biological mechanisms of behavior and development, family and social/cultural factors, variations in temperament, cognitive disabilities, language and learning disorders, motor disabilities, attention disorders, sleep problems, elimination disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and research methods occur during the three-year fellowship. DBP Fellows participate  in the MCHB-funded Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders in their first year, the NIH-funded Autism Research Training Program, and the Department of Pediatrics Fellows’ College.

Regular conferences

Fundamentals in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Biweekly conference providing educational content covering ACGME and ABP content specifications in developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

DBP Journal Club

Monthly conference where fellows present a review and evaluation of up-to-date literature pertinent to developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

Genomic Medicine Clinical Rounds

Weekly conference that includes presentation of a clinical case, including discussion with genetics, developmental pediatrics, and other disciplines.

MIND Institute Research Seminar Series

Biweekly seminar to support and advance current research in NDD across various disciplines at the MIND Institute.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Monthly conference with presentation of the most up-to-date research in neurological, developmental and behavioral disorders by nationally recognized speakers.

Meeting Hearts and MINDs

Monthly forum for case discussions reviewing best clinical practices and patient care with all MIND clinicians.

Regular departmental conferences

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Weekly conference which brings in experts to present new and developing topics in Pediatrics. Fellows are expected to present a topic of their choice during the third year of training.

Fellows have ample opportunities to present their work locally, as well as through regional and national conferences, such as annual meetings of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Society for Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Western Society for Pediatric Research, and others.