Advocacy Leadership

Spotlight on Current Resident: Lena Rothstein, Class of 2020

Lena Rothstein is one of our current PG-3 residents who has been a leader in legislative advocacy throughout residency. She was selected to be the District IX Assistant District Representative of the AAP Section on Pediatric Trainees during her PG-2 year, then rose to become the District IX District Representative during her PG-3 year, representing pediatric residents throughout the entire state of California.

1. How did you become interested in advocacy?

I was interviewing for residency during the 2016 presidential election cycle. During that time a lot of critical health policies including CHIP (children's health insurance plan) were under attack and I knew I was passionate about these issues and wanted to get more involved. I think that as a pediatrician and health care provider it is not only our jobs to promote health but also make sure we have systemic policies in place that can support this goal and the best place to do that is by advocating for local, state and national programs and policies.

2. How have you been involved in advocacy during residency?

During residency I was awarded an AAP community pediatrics training initiative grant to promote legislative advocacy at UC Davis. As a result of this grant I was able to travel to Washington, DC for the AAP legislative conference and advocate alongside pediatricians from across the country for gun safety legislation. I have also started a resident curriculum to introduce residents across specialties to using media to advocate.

3. How does our program support your interests in advocacy?

UC Davis is a perfect program for those interested in legislative or community advocacy. We have multiple pediatric faculty members who have built their careers around advocacy and are amazing mentors. In addition, we are 10 minutes away from the California State Capitol so there are always opportunities to interact with policy makers, give expert testimony, etc.


Two of our interns after providing
expert testimony!
Some of our residents participating in social media-based advocacy!

Education Leadership

We value and highly encourage resident participation in committees that are relevant to resident education and patient care. The perspectives and recommendations of our residents have been instrumental as we continue to strive to improve their educational experiences. Residents from each year are active and vital participants in Education Committees (Program Evaluation Committee, Medical Student Education Committee, Wellness Committee) as well as Patient Care Committees (Ward Committee, Resident Group Practice Committee, Resident Medical Staff).