Our program’s mission statement:

To train outstanding pediatric critical care medicine physicians who act as skilled and compassionate clinicians, innovative physician scientists, inspiring and effective educators, and strong leaders in their fields, serving Sacramento, Northern California, and beyond.

Our program’s aims:

1. To facilitate fellow’s development of an understanding of the biology of acute, life threatening disease and injury and the necessary cognitive, technical, and interpersonal skills to function as skilled clinicians through experiences in the Pediatric ICU and related clinical settings and PCCM didactics.

2. To provide mentorship and opportunities to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue scholarly work in an area of interest through participation in Fellow’s College and other local courses such as the Introduction to Clinical Research.

3. To encourage the development of innovative and evidence-based teaching skills through Fellow’s College, departmental conferences, and opportunities in the Center for Simulation and Education Enhancement.

4. To promote the ability to lead multidisciplinary teams in both the clinical and nonclinical settings through experiences in the Pediatric ICU and with the Children’s Critical Care Transport team as well as through Fellows College and committees such as the PICU Performance Improvement Committee.