The Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship is a three-year program divided into 4-week rotations dedicated to clinical and research training. The majority of clinical rotations will be in the UC Davis PICU/PCICU, with additional clinical training in airway management/anesthesia, management following cardiac procedures (catheterization and surgery), and critical care transport. There are opportunities to pursue elective training in specialized burn care, palliative care, advanced ultrasound, toxicology, and heart failure/assistive mechanical devices. Fellows will work closely with PICU, pediatric cardiology and pediatric cardiothoracic surgery faculty throughout their fellowship. In addition, they will have broad multidisciplinary exposure to various subspecialty teams involved in the care of critically ill children. The remainder of the training curriculum is dedicated to the pursuit of scholarly academic activity, including training programs in professionalism and research design.
Sample Training Schedule
Year 1
30 weeks – UC Davis PICU/PCICU (divided to ensure dedicated PICU & PCICU training)
4 weeks – Anesthesiology and Airway Management
2 weeks – Critical Care Transport
12 weeks – Research
4 weeks – Vacation
Year 2
22 weeks – UC Davis PICU/PCICU
6 weeks – Elective Experiences
20 weeks – Research
4 weeks – Vacation
Year 3
16 weeks – UC Davis PICU/PCICU
2 weeks – Pre-attending
4 weeks – Elective Experiences
26 weeks – Research
4 weeks – Vacation
Elective Clinical Experiences
Palliative Care
Advanced Ultrasound
Adult Heart Failure/Assistive Mechanical Devices
Shriner’s Hospital Anesthesia/Orthopedics
Shriner’s Hospital Burn Medicine