Scholarly activity during fellowship is required by the American Board of Pediatrics, and all fellows must complete a project that develop a hypothesis, or substantive scholarly exploration and analysis that require critical thinking.


Research Course Work

To ensure that fellows receive foundational education in research and scholarly activity, each fellow will participate in Introduction to Clinical Research, an intensive 2-week UC Davis course designed to meet the core curriculum in scholarly activities set forth by the ABP and ACGME.

Additional coursework and training opportunities are available to fellows who are interested in pursuing advanced research training.


Choosing a Scholarly Project

Fellows' projects may be clinical, translational, or basic science research projects, or projects that otherwise fulfill the criteria of scholarly activity as defined by the ABP.

Fellows are encouraged to pursue research within the Division of Critical Care, from within the Department of Pediatrics, or from established, senior research investigators from other departments or in the university community.

The Department of Pediatrics may provide assistance in statistical design and analysis of high quality mentored research projects.


Timeline for Scholarly Project

Early in Year 1: Meet with Program Director to discuss research/academic interests

  • Explore possible research mentors and projects.

Fall of Year 1: Identify research mentor and scholarly project

  • Identify Scholarly Oversight Committee (SOC)
  • Present of proposed project to the SOC to ensure it will meet ABP guidelines for scholarly activity
  • Develop timeline to guide completion of project
    • Example of goals:
    • Year 1: Initiation of the study
    • Year 2: Data collection and analysis
    • Year 3: Abstract submission, presentation at regional or national meeting, and manuscript submission (3rd year)

Years 2-3: Regular SOC meetings (track progress, identify barriers to success)

Year 3: SOC meeting to assess fellow's completion of ABP requirement of active participation in scholarly activity.