Residents climbing on indoor rock wall.

PGY1 retreat

In the fall of each year, the intern class has a one day getaway full of camaraderie and fun. Through group discussions and activities, interns work on team-building, teaching skills, and ways to maximize educational opportunities. The afternoon is spent in the great outdoors!

Residents practicing rock climbing in indoor rock climbing park.

PGY2 retreat

Resident in front of retreat venue.

In the month prior to starting their second year, the interns have a day-long retreat to discuss issues relative to taking on senior responsibilities. The goal of this retreat is to give new second year residents the tools needed to be successful senior residents.

PGY3 retreat

Third year residents get to spend a day together in the sun at the beginning of the year. Food, water activities, and some discussion time are scheduled throughout this fun-packed day. This retreat is focused on helping third year residents prepare for their upcoming careers as pediatricians or fellows.

Residents inside sitting on floor of retreat venue.

Residents in canoe on waterfront.

Residents pose in front of water dam.

Residents hiking on trail.