Transdisciplinary Immersion in Global Health Research and Education (TIGRE)

Hospital Mural

The Transdisciplinary Immersion in Global Health Research and Education (TIGRE) is a multicampus "global health lab" for interprofessional health training and research in Roatán, Honduras.


This initiative leverages a longstanding, highly successful interprofessional partnership between UCSF Global Health Sciences, Global Healing, and Roatán Public Hospital, which has already hosted faculty and trainees from UCSF, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, and UCSD. TIGRE seeks to foster collaboration across the UC campus system by harnessing its collective expertise to contend with challenges in the developing world. This foundation offers an invaluable opportunity for transdisciplinary research and training in global health, conferring benefit for UC faculty, professional and doctoral students alike, as well as aspiring Honduran investigators.

Sample Project

Strengthening Babies through Mobile Health. In collaboration with the UC TIGRE and Global Healing, a team of students, pediatric residents and faculty from UCSF and UC Davis are working to implement a breast feeding support program using SMS-platform supported by Medic Mobile.  


UCSF: Arup Roy-Burman M.D. (E-mail)