Sara Aghamohammadi, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Aghamohammadi's research interest includes long-term outcomes and standardizing care with the use of treatment protocols as related to pediatric critical care medicine. Her involvement with the Society of Critical Care Medicines PICU Liberation program has led to the development of quality improvement measures and standardization of ICU practices, such as pediatric early mobility, nursing-driven sedation protocol, and best practices for use of high-flow nasal cannula, at UC Davis Children's hospital.

Brian Goudy, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Goudy's academic and research interests are in pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension (PH). PH is a severe disease marked by increased pressure in the blood vessels within the lungs. Particularly common in premature infants and those with congenital heart disease, longstanding untreated pulmonary hypertension leads to respiratory and heart failure. As director of the pediatric pulmonary hypertension program at UC Davis, Dr. Goudy helps evaluate and manage children with this debilitating illness. The multidisciplinary pulmonary hypertension team includes members from pediatric cardiology, pulmonology, neonatology, critical care, cardiothoracic surgery, and pharmacy. 

Sarah Haynes, PhD, MPH. - PubMed

Dr. Haynes is an epidemiologist whose research focuses on developing and evaluating telehealth interventions for chronic disease management. Her research has included work on remote patient monitoring for heart failure and telemedicine use for pediatric asthma and diabetes care, among many other topics. She uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods and employs dissemination and implementation science approaches in her work.

James Marcin, M.D., MPH - PubMed

Dr. Marcin conducts research in pediatric telemedicine and quality of care, particularly as it relates to acutely ill and injured children in the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit.  He leads research in telemedicine, and how telemedicine can improve quality of care and reduce medication errors among children with a variety of diseases.  Dr. Marcin also conducts research in quality of care using large patient databases.

Theresa Murdock-Vlautin, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Murdock-Vlautin's research interests are in advancing medical school education in regards to clinical skills teaching and assessment throughout the four year curriculum. In addition, bridging and advancing knowledge and resources in pediatric palliative care in Northern California.

JoAnne Natale, M.D., Ph.D. - PubMed

Dr. Natale conducts research aimed on improving quality of care, including optimizing processes of care and health equity for critically ill and injured children. In addition,  she and collaborators at UC Davis, are participating in a multicenter collaboration to elucidate the relationship between Kawasaki Disease and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.

Jennifer Plant, M.D., M.Ed. - PubMed

Dr. Plant's academic focus is medical education, specifically curriculum development and assessment in the student clerkship and post-clerkship years as well as research related to self-assessment, reflection, and the appreciative inquiry approach.

Viyeka Sethi, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Sethi's area of interest is in the provision of excellent clinical care while advancing provider knowledge. To further this mission, she has deep involvement with resident education. She also promotes and coaches in the use of point of care ultrasound and fiberoptic bronchoscopy.