Reuben Antony, M.D., M.R.C.P. - PubMed

Dr. Antony's research interests are in pediatric neuro-oncology.

Jonathan Ducore, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Ducore's research interests include: epidemiology of childhood cancer including cancer in pediatric minority populations. The primary research at this time involves bleeding disorders including evaluation of global tests of coagulation and clinical trials of gene therapy for inherited bleeding disorders and the development of new products for the treatment of bleeding and clotting disorders. There is also an interest in the economic consequences of the arrival of newer therapies in the market for the treatment of bleeding disorders.

Marcio Malogolowkin, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Malogolowkin's research interests are in pediatric solid tumors, developmental therapeutics, adolescent and young adults' cancer.

Anjali Pawar, M.D.

Dr. Pawar's research focuses on leukemia, lymphoma, hemostasis and improving quality of life in pediatric hematology oncology patients. She is the institutional primary investigator for numerous international trials in hemostatic medications which will one day bring these innovative drugs to infants and younger children. She is also interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence as it applies to her area of expertise.

Noriko Satake, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Satake's research interests are in the characterization of leukemia stem cells in childhood leukemia.