Teri KorvinSome new-age psychotherapists are apt to characterize emotionally stable, self-confident people as being figuratively "comfortable in their skin." Teri Korvin, in contrast, literally helps people feel comfortable in their skin.

Korvin is a licensed clinical esthetician, a specialist in skin care. She consults with people to help them understand the condition of their skin and how it functions, and recommends products and procedures to restore healthy skin. These therapies can help correct imperfections, including hyperpigmentation (age spots), acne, rosacea and skin compromised by cancer treatments. Unlike estheticians who work in spas or salons, Korvin works under supervision of physicians in a UC Davis plastic surgery clinic at 33rd and C streets in Sacramento. That gives her and her patients access to effective pharmaceutical treatments that are unavailable outside a medical environment.

Teri  is a certified Oncology Esthetician focusing on specific care and treatment of the comprised sensitive skincare needs of cancer patients.

"The advantage of working within a medical practice is that I supply patients in our office with pharmaceutical-grade products that are much more potent than those available over the counter. These products actually change your skin at a cellular level, resulting in a therapeutic cascade that makes your skin healthier. It also means, for example, that the chemical peels I use work deeper and have greater effectiveness than the ones used in spas and salons," Korvin said.

She routinely performs microdermabrasion by the DiamondTome method to retexture facial and neck skin imperfections; Obagi's Blue Peel (TCA) to rejuvenate, clarify and tighten the skin; chemical peels; deep-pore facials; and brow and lash tints.

"We use products to break down pigmentation to minimize age spots, and we recommend products to help patients restore their skin to a healthy condition and then keep it that way," said Korvin. "My recommendations often include products with Retin-A, which increases cellular turnover and boosts collagen and elastin [the structural components of skin]. That's why Retin-A is such a potent anti-aging and acne treatment product."

For all of her patients, Korvin stresses proper use of sunscreens. and teaches them how to interpret labeling information.

"With that information, they can determine if a sunscreen product offers true broad-spectrum protection ," Korvin said. She seeks to dispel what she calls the "myth behind SPF," the "sun protection factor" comparative figure used by manufacturers of commercial sunscreen products. "SPF pertains only to the measurement of protection for the ultraviolet B rays that cause sunburn, but gives no indication of the amount of protection, if any, against UVA radiation. It's this UVA radiation that penetrates the skin more deeply and causes serious cellular damage."

She favors sunscreens that contain 9 percent zinc oxide, which blocks more ultraviolet rays than any other single ingredient.

"Zinc oxide, in combination with titanium dioxide, lays on the skin's surface rather than being absorbed into it, and reflects and refracts the sun's rays," Korvin said. "And sunscreen should be worn every day, because the UVA rays are present even during cloudy or rainy weather, and they penetrate glass."

Korvin also uses mineral makeup for the health and beauty of the skin. The minerals also work very effectively to camouflage the skin of patients who have undergone surgical procedures or injuries that affected their appearance.

Korvin also dispels the myth that skin care is primarily for women. "Men's skin behaves the same way as that of women, and proper skin care, protection and treatment are just as important among the male population," she said. "So men shouldn't feel self-conscious about calling to see me."

UC Davis employees qualify for a 10 percent discount on Korvin's services as well as a 20 percent discount on products. To make an appointment for a consultation with Teri Korvin, call 916-734-7844.