Who we are

We are members of your community -- health-care professionals and researchers from UC Davis Medical Center, rehabilitation counselors, adaptive physical education teachers, adaptive sports specialists, mentors who face many of the same physical challenges as you do and have found alternative strategies to participate in community physical activities, student volunteers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and others.

Sports for fun. Sports for fitness. Sports for everyone.
You can get into the game!

Program goal

We have organized this clinic-based program out of our commitment to the idea that the role of medical rehabilitation, which aims to preserve or restore functional capacity, includes helping our clients to develop necessary mental and physical skills that encourage their ability to participate in community life in the broadest sense possible. With this goal in mind, recreational activities, including but not limited to adaptive team sports, are viable therapies that aim to achieve more successful outcomes for our clients with disabilities.

Rehabilitation plan

We know that access to community life through better physical fitness is not so simple as writing out "Rx: adaptive swimming" or some other activity on a prescription pad. That's why we've joined together as a multidisciplinary team to encourage you at each step along the way and make it safe for you to play. We'll do that by providing:

  • a preliminary physical assessment of injury and disablement, including pain and fatigue, by a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist
  • an individualized plan to maximize performance and minimize the risk of further injury or disablement
  • a quarterly pre-participation exam and athletic evaluation in the Orthopaedic / Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic (first floor ACC)
  • informative seminars on nutrition, exercise physiology, community resources, adaptive driving, and other key topics
  • hands-on demonstrations of adaptive sports equipment and assistive devices

Who is invited?

You are invited to join us if you have a permanent physical disability from disease or injury.

How often does the clinic meet?

We'll meet in the clinic quarterly to evaluate progress, discuss challenges, and welcome new participants. We'll also present seminars from invited guest speakers who will give us new information about physical fitness and adapted physical activities.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for enrolling in the Community Access through Recreation program, and you don't need a referral.

How do I enroll as a participant or volunteer my services?

To let us know that you intend to join us or want to help with new ideas or activities, please call 916-734-7041.

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