NEWS | June 18, 2018

Where's Waldo? UC Davis Children's Hospital patients find fun in new construction


When construction began on the six-story UC Davis North Addition Office Building directly across from UC Davis Medical Center, it became a new draw for UC Davis Children’s Hospital patients.

Photo of child and mom looking at Waldo
One happy patient finds Waldo in building window.

Turner Construction Company, the company behind this building project, received feedback from the pediatrics units that the hospitalized children would peer out the window and watch the construction from day to day. They found it fascinating.

With that in mind, Turner added a new craftsman to their team … Waldo. He started appearing in March and has been busy, moving around every day, giving patients the daily challenge of “finding” him through the hospital windows.

“The team wanted to send a message that the patients are a part of this project and we are thinking of them as we construct this building,” said Joel Vega, project safety manager at Turner Construction Company.

Photo of Waldo in window
Can you find Waldo?

Turner’s subcontractors also got into the spirit, by creating SpongeBob SquarePants with blue masking tape on the building and suspending a “Get Well Soon” sign on the building for patients to see.  

“I want to thank Turner Construction for helping us to get our building built, but even more so, for understanding our mission and contributing to our primary goal of caring for our patients,” said Thomas Emme, manager of UC Davis Health’s Facilities Design and Construction.