NEWS | July 26, 2018

USS La Jolla sailors visit UC Davis Children's Hospital


Photo of sailor with patient
One sailor plays cornhole with a little girl.

In celebration of Sacramento Navy Week, sailors from the USS La Jolla, a Los Angeles-class submarine, visited pediatric patients and families at UC Davis Children's Hospital last Friday.  

Sacramento Navy Week is the seventh of 14 Navy weeks in 2018 that focus a variety of assets, equipment and personnel on a single city for a week-long series of engagements designed to bring America’s Navy closer to the people it protects.

Dressed in white uniforms, sailors played air hockey and cornhole with pediatric patients in the playroom, while others sat at a table with kids to assist with art projects. 

"This [visit] means a lot," said mother Amanda Craig. "My son is in a lot of pain and it takes his mind off of the pain. His face is lighting up because he had a bad day and now he is so happy. This is awesome."