NEWS | August 9, 2018

UC Davis CAARE Center awarded grant to provide trauma training for staff, mental health providers


The UC Davis CAARE Center was recently awarded a $300,000, two-year grant by Sacramento County Behavioral Health Service to provide training and consultation for mental health providers and support staff treating youth with a history of sexual exploitation. 

This program is funded by the Division of Behavioral Health Service, through the voter-approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

Training will occur through the Trauma Training Academy at the UC Davis CAARE Center. 

The goal of the Trauma Training Academy is to reduce long-term traumatic effects in children, youth, and their families exposed to violence and abuse by educating mental health professionals and support staff in Sacramento County in evidence-based trauma-sensitive interventions through specialized trainings and consultations.  Mental health providers and support staff will receive free training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and advanced clinical interventions for sexually exploited youth. The Trauma Training Academy will also provide other trainings on the effects of trauma and trauma-sensitive interventions and will offer consultation to participants.

"This training opportunity provides a targeted, focused effort to address trauma in this vulnerable population. The County sees this training and consultation service as critical to help our providers at all levels have the tools to work in this sensitive mental health service area,” said Uma Zykofsky, licensed clinical social worker and behavioral health director of the Sacramento County Department of Health Services. “Sacramento County is excited to partner with the UC Davis CAARE Center to promote this training and consultation service."

For more information, contact Dawn Blacker, UC Davis CAARE Center training director, at