NEWS | September 24, 2013

Rousek receives Janet Gordon Armour M.D., Scholarship


UC Davis medical student Hayley Rousek has been selected to receive the 2013-14 Janet Gordon Armour, M.D., Scholarship, which benefits an outstanding first-year female student pursuing primary care medicine. The award, established in 1997, honors Janet Gordon Armour, a 1978 graduate of the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Hayley Rousek
Hayley Rousek, left, was among a group of UC Davis Medical students who traveled to Honduras earlier this year to provide medical care to underserved patients. Shown with Rousek are classmate Young Eloria Jeon, center, and Bob Quadro, a volunteer faculty member at the medical school.

Originally from Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Rousek is beginning her second year of medical school and will receive a $3,750 award. Rousek received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from UC Davis in 2007.

At the UC Davis School of Medicine, Rousek is enrolled in the Rural-PRIME program, which is designed to produce physician leaders who are trained in and committed to helping California's underserved communities.

For the past nine years, Rousek has been a volunteer at Clinica Tepati, a nonprofit community clinic operated by UC Davis medical students that serves the uninsured Latino population in Sacramento. Currently the clinic’s medical student officer, Rousek said the experience has strengthened her desire to empower the underserved through primary care.

Because her own family was uninsured while she was growing up, Rousek said she considers it “a special honor to be able to improve the lives patients through health.” Early in her life, Rousek gained an appreciation for the relationship that develops as a doctor, patient and family work together for better health. She was a caregiver for her grandfather after he struggled to adapt to a new lifestyle following renal failure. Later, she cared for her mother after she underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries.

“I will draw upon these personal experiences to make sure I am a physician who is dedicated, thorough, thoughtful and communicative, and does everything in my power to make sure each patient has the best care,” Rousek said.

The Armour Scholarship is awarded annually. Armour, after receiving her medical degree from UC Davis School of Medicine in 1978, completed her residency in family practice in Fresno, and then practiced in the Paradise, Calif., area. She died in 1997 at the age of 48. Her husband, Jerry, who still lives in Paradise; her mother, Helen Gordon; and her sister, Liane Haynes, established the scholarship and assist in selecting the annual recipient.

Donations to the Janet Gordon Armour, M.D., Scholarship can be made by calling the Alumni Affairs office at UC Davis Health System, at 916-734-9410.

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