NEWS | October 6, 2017

Meyers appointed to governor's precision medicine committee


Fred Meyers has been appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Precision Medicine, a new group of experts that will contribute to the state’s continuing efforts to use advanced computing and technology to better understand, treat and prevent disease.

Gov. Brown appointed UC Davis Health's Fred Meyers to his advisory committee on precision medicine. Gov. Brown appointed UC Davis Health's Fred Meyers to his advisory committee on precision medicine.

Meyers, the associate dean for Precision Medicine and a professor of internal medicine/ hematology-oncology at UC Davis School of Medicine, has been a leader in the emerging field.

“At its core, precision medicine is the intersection between persons, their environment, the changes in their markers of health and illness, and the social and behavioral factors over time,” said Meyers. “It combines new tools with new teams to eliminate public health and health care disparities by promoting innovations in health care quality, value, patient experience and public health.”

The new committee will advise the Governor’s Office on emerging precision medicine policies, such as data sharing and data privacy within and across technology platforms and tools; clinical utility of precision medicine approaches to care; patient and provider engagement and education; and economic impact and sustainability of precision medicine-based treatments.

“California is a world leader in medicine and technology,” said Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. in a press release announcing the advisory group. “This committee of experts will help us think through how precision medicine can improve health and health care for Californians.”

Meyers and the other 13 advisory committee members bring a broad range of expertise to the field of precision medicine. Meyers, for example, has a long-standing interest in cancer biology, with a focus on advanced and metastatic malignancies. Other members of the committee will lend their skills and knowledge in areas ranging from biotechnology and health disparities, to population health, bioinformatics, ethics, genomics and patient engagement.

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