NEWS | May 25, 2018

New #WhatYouCanDo handouts guide providers, patients to help reduce firearm violence


The UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program's What You Can Do initiative has developed two handouts: one for patients that discusses firearm violence risk and firearm safety strategies, the other for providers that guides them through the firearm violence risk assessment and counseling process.

"We designed these materials so individuals and health care providers have the resources they need at their fingertips to conduct assessments that can help prevent firearm violence," said Rocco Pallin. "The handouts provide the most current information on the specific steps that patients and providers can take right now to assess risk and avoid harm."  

The handout for health care providers, for example, is designed to help them identify patients at elevated risk for firearm injury. It advises to ask at-risk patients about firearms in the home, counsel them or their caregivers about firearm access and safety, and to take further action when a patient or someone in the patient's home is at extreme risk or going through a time of crisis.

The patient handout advises individuals with firearms in the home to weigh the risks and benefits, store firearms safely, recognize the increased risk of having guns in the home and to take action if safety concerns arise, such as a situation where the gun could get into the wrong hands.

Go online for more information about the #WhatYouCanDo initiative at the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program and follow @WYCD initiative on Twitter.