NEWS | November 14, 2018

School of Medicine student receives scholarship for work with underserved communities


Fourth-year medical student Christine Nguyen has been awarded a significant scholarship from UniHealth Foundation, an organization that promotes healthy causes in Southern California.

Christine Nguyen
Christine Nguyen

Nguyen, who is from Orange County and intends to practice there, is a student leader who has been involved with various organizations to improve access to health care in underserved communities.

Her leadership roles include: co-director of Paul Hom Asian Clinic, Region 8 co-director and School of Medicine co-president of the Asian Pacific American Medical Association, co-president of Southeast Asians in Medicine Student Interest Group, and involvement in the Coalition for Health Equity Student Interest Group.

UniHealth Foundation is an independent, private health care foundation that supports innovative activities that can improve health outcomes in Los Angeles and northern Orange counties. The foundation recently expanded its reach to provide scholarships to students who are from Southern California and studying elsewhere.