NEWS | January 17, 2012

UC Davis Health System response to ProPublica article on Fishman ties with pharmaceutical industry


Physicians and medical organizations nationwide have a responsibility to ensure that physicians' prescribing practices are based on delivering the highest quality medical care for patients without industry influence.

UC Davis Health System has strong policies and procedures in place to prevent, detect and manage potential conflicts of interest with industry. The health system's institutional compliance program supports the open discussion of ethical and legal issues, and reviews the details of specific cases whenever questions arise.

Faculty's outside professional activities are reviewed regularly to ensure they adhere to University standards, policies and procedures. In the case of pain medicine physician Scott Fishman, institutional reviews have found that his activities are in compliance with health system policies, as well as national standards.

Dr. Fishman is a highly ethical, socially responsible physician who has advocated for the responsible use of pain medicine. He is an excellent physician who practices the highest standard of medicine and always acts in the best interest of patients. We are proud to have him as a member of the UC Davis faculty. The ProPublica story is an inaccurate and misleading representation of Dr. Fishman.

To read Dr. Fishman's response to the ProPublica article, click here.