Michael Austin Johnson, M.D., Ph.D.


Emergency Medicine


  • Assistant Professor
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Fax: 916-703-6549
Physician Referrals: 800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)

Research/Academic Interests

Dr. Johnson's research interests include Acute resuscitation after traumatic brain injury, Neuro-protection, Endovascular aortic occlusion for trauma resuscitation, and Emergency department cost-effectiveness.


Emergency Medicine


M.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison WI 2010

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison WI 2008

B.A., Oberlin College, Oberlin OH 2000


Emergency Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver CO 2010-2014


K12 Research, UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento CA

Board Certifications

CA Medical Board, License,

DEA License,

Professional Memberships

American College of Emergency Physicians

Emergency Medicine Residents Association

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

Honors and Awards

UC Davis Emergency Medicine K12 Research Fellowship, 2014

Outstanding Resident Research Award, Denver Health Residency in Emergency, 2014

Save of the Month- Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine, 2014

Resident of the Year in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine, 2012

Save of the Month- Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine, 2012

Outstanding Resident Research Award, Denver Health Residency in Emergency, 2012

Select Recent Publications

Johnson MA, Grahan  BJ, Haukoos JS, McNally, B, Campbell R, Sasson, C, Slattery DE. Demographics, Bystander CPR, and AED  Use in Out-of-Hospital Pediatric Arrests. Resuscitation. 2014 E-pub ahead of print.

Johnson MA, Haukoos J, Larabee T, Saughety S, Chan S, McNally B, Sasson, C. Women  Of Childbearing Age Have A Survival Benefit After Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest. Resuscitation. 2013, 84(5):639-44.

Weick JP*, Johnson MA*, Zhang SC. Developmental regulation of human  embryonic stem cell­ derived neurons  by calcium entry via transient receptor potential  channels. Stem Cells. 2009, 27(12):2906-16. (*denotes equal contribution)

Weick JP, Johnson MA, Skroch SP, Williams JC, Deisseroth K, Zhang SC. Functional  control  of transplantable  human  ESC-derived  neurons via optogenetic targeting. Stem Cells. 2010, 28(11): 2008-16.

Li XJ, Zhang, XQ, Johnson MA, Wang ZB, Lavaute TM, Zhang SC. Coordination of Sonic Hedgehog and Wnt Signaling Determines  Ventral and Dorsal Telencephalic  Neuron  Types from hESCs. Development. 2009, 136(23): 4055-63.

Zhang SC, Li XJ, Johnson, MA, and Pankratz MT. 2008. Human  embryonic  stem cells for brain repair? Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Bioi Sci. 363(1489):87-99.

Johnson MA, WeickJP, Pearce RA, and Zhang SC. 2007. Functional  neural development from human embryonic stem cells: accelerated synaptic activity via astrocyte coculture. 1Nettrosci. 27:3069-3077.

Guillaume DJ, Johnson MA, Li XJ, Zhang SC. 2006. Human  embryonic  stem cell-derived neural precursors develop into neurons  and integrate into host neural circuitry. 1Neurosci Res. 84(6): 1165-1176.