All physiological procedures come with a medical clearance exam, body composition analysis via skinfolds and can be done while cycling, running or rowing. The initial test includes a detailed analysis of results and a training consultation. Because we believe in the value of repeat testing, subsequent tests are discounted but still include include a brief discussion of the test results and a full training consultation. Coached athletes who are just looking for test results without a training consultation are eligible for a further discount on follow up tests. Learn more about physiological tests.

VO2max and ventilatory threshold

$150  for the initial evaluation. $100 for subsequent tests.

An excellent initial evaluation, the VO2max gives a good picture of overall fitness level and performance potential. VO2max results provide heart rates and power (cycling and rowing) or speed (running) values that correlate to the athlete’s ventilatory threshold (a good estimate of lactate threshold). The ventilatory threshold is also used in establishing heart rate training zones and intensities

Lactate profile

$150  for the initial evaluation. $100 for subsequent tests.

The blood lactate profile is the most important predictor of endurance performance potential in steady-state events (e.g. time trials in cycling, cross-country skiing, rowing, speed skating, triathlons and running races, especially marathons). The lactate profile test (with determination of lactate threshold) is the "gold standard" used by elite endurance athletes to determine optimal training intensities and is the most effective way to track training effectiveness. Individualized training zones based on both heart rate and power (for cycling and rowing) or speed (for running), as well as optimal paces for racing, are provided.

Metabolic efficiency + lactate

$230 for the initial evaluation. $150 for subsequent tests.

The ultimate test for the endurance athlete, whether you are an Ironman triathlete, ultra runner, long distance cyclist or other long distance endeavor. The metabolic efficiency tests combines oxygen consumption and lactate measurments to give you valuable insight into your endurance capacity. The test looks specifically at low to moderate effort levels, pinpointing endurance training and competition paces, as well as your metabolic efficiency (fat utilization). The test will also measure your maximal fat oxidation rate and help guide your fueling needs (carbohydrate replenishment). Get your training and eating strategies on the right track. 

Metabolic efficiency point

$150 for the initial evaluation. $100 for subsequent tests.

The metabolic efficiency point (MEP) evaluates the body's efficiency at using fat as a fuel during exercise. This test is specifically designed for those athletes looking to monitor and improve their metabolic efficiency. It will identify the crossover point, determine maximal fat oxidation rate and help define energy requirements during extensive endurance training and racing.

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