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Years of inactivity leave the body and mind out-of-shape for any level of rigorous activity. When your body has been deconditioned – that is, without a baseline of stability, mobility and general physical function or movement patterns – you are at a much higher risk for and injury that can offset any initial progress or results.

UC Davis Sports Medicine offers our Return-to-Fitness Program to help you bridge the gap between where you are and what you would like to be doing. Whether it’s a game of pick-up basketball, your local 10K or sightseeing on vacation, our proven methods prepare you to embrace a more active lifestyle safely.

Long-term change for the better

The program offers a systematic retraining of your body and lifestyle to bring lasting change and help you meet your goals.

Your return to fitness begins with an initial assessment to gauge your current level of function. This includes either our functional movement screening to get a baseline of your physical ability or a comprehensive fitness assessment for a thorough evaluation of your condition.

Following the assessment, you are given a personalized template for your journey towards health and improved physical function. Monthly training consultations monitor and progress your intervention, ensuring you stay safe and continue to improve. Personalized nutrition packages are available to help amplify your results.

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Initial screening and fitness template

Continuous improvement

All services are available to the general public.

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