Yin Liu, M.D., Ph.D.

Yin Allison Liu, M.D., Ph.D.





  • Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Science
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology


To see if Yin Allison Liu is accepting new patients, or for assistance finding a UC Davis doctor, please call 800-2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284).

Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center

4860 Y St., Suite 2400
Sacramento, CA 95817
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UC Davis Midtown Ambulatory Care Center

3160 Folsom Blvd, Suite 2100
Sacramento, CA 95816
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Additional Phone Numbers

Physician Referrals: 800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)

Philosophy of Care

Dr. Liu strives to develop a collaborative relationship with her patients and their families.

Dr. Liu believes that information sharing is essential for a joint informed decision, through which a successful treatment plan is developed and implemented.

For each patient, Dr. Liu is devoted to understand the most important component of life that is affected by the neuro-ophthalmic conditions and to find a cure by the best and latest treatment options, or ways to restore quality-of-life.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Liu is a neuro-ophthalmologist offering care to adults and children with neurological conditions that affect vision.

Research/Academic Interests

Dr. Liu’s research focuses on using the eye as a window to the brain. By applying novel ophthalmic imaging technologies, Dr. Liu strives to establish biomarkers for disease activity monitoring and visual outcome prediction in several neuro-ophthalmic conditions, such as giant cell arteritis, brain tumors, and skull base conditions.


Neuro-Ophthalmology, Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology
Neurological Surgery

Center/Program Affiliation

Eye Center
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
UC Davis Children's Hospital


M.D., Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China 2012

Ph.D., UCLA, Los Angeles CA 2012

Internship: Pediatrics, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda CA 2013-2015


Neuology and Child Neurology, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda CA 2015-2018


Neuro-Ophthalmology, Stanford University, Stanford CA 2018-2019

Board Certifications

American Board of Pediatrics,

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Neurology

American Academy of Ophthalmology

North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (NANOS)

North American Skull Base Society

Southwest Oncology Group

Honors and Awards

Paul Calabresi K12 Career Development Award, National Cancer Institute, 2021

Resident scholarship, the 70th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), Los Angeles CA, 2018

Scholarship of International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP), Auckland, New Zealand, 2011

Select Recent Publications

Virk H, Shahlaie K, Ramani B, Perry A, Fragoso R, Tuscano J, Liu Y. A woman with blurred vision and eye pain. J Neuro-Ophthalmology. Accepted.

Fague L, Liu YA, Marsh-Armstrong N. The basic science of optic nerve regeneration. Ann Transl Med. 2021 Aug;9(15):1276. doi:10.21037/atm-20-5351. PMID:34532413.

Liu Y, Ko M, Moss HE. Telemedicine for neuro-ophthalmology. Curr Opin Neurol. 2021 Feb 1;34(1):61-66. doi:10.1097/WCO.0000000000000880.

Liu Y, Pelak VS, van Stavern G, Moss HE. Higher Cortical Dysfunction Presenting as Visual Symptoms in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Front Neurol. 2020 Jul 31;11:679. doi:10.3389/fneur.2020.00679. PMID:32903759.

Wongworawat YC, Liu YA, Raghavan R, White CL, Dietz R, Zuppan C, Rosenfeld J. Aggressive FUS-Mutant Motor Neuron Disease Without Profound Spinal Cord Pathology. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2020 Apr 1;79(4):365-369. doi:10.1093/jnen/nlaa011. PMID:32142142.

Liu Y, Abongwa C, Ashwal S, Deming DD, Winter TW. Referral for Ophthalmology Evaluation and Visual Sequelae in Children With Primary Brain Tumors. JAMA Netw Open. 2019 Aug 2;2(8):e198273. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.8273. PMID:31373649.

Liu Y, Michelson D, Clark R, Gold JA. Child Neurology: Siblings with infantile epilepsy and developmental delay: A circuitous path to genomic diagnosis. Neurology. 2018 Jul 17;91(3):143-147. doi:10.1212/WNL.0000000000005815. PMID:30012655.

Liu Y, Olek M. Development of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder and Spinal Arachnoid Cysts in a Patient With Intractable Epilepsy. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2018 Feb 1;118(2):119-123. doi:10.7556/jaoa.2018.027. PMID:29379967.

Liu Y, Tang J, Wakamatsu P, Xue H, Chen J, Gaynon PS, Shen S, Sun W. High-resolution melting curve analysis, a rapid and affordable method for mutation analysis in childhood acute myeloid leukemia. Front Pediatr. 2014 Sep 9;2:96. doi:10.3389/fped.2014.00096. PMID:25250304.

Sheard MA, Asgharzadeh S, Liu Y, Lin TY, Wu HW, Ji L, Groshen S, Lee DA, Seeger RC. Membrane-bound TRAIL supplements natural killer cell cytotoxicity against neuroblastoma cells. J Immunother. 2013 Jun;36(5):319-29. doi:10.1097/CJI.0b013e31829b4493. PMID:23719242.