UC Davis imports kidneys from around the country, while our dedicated multi-disciplinary team of transplant nephrologists, surgeons, nurses, social workers, and other professionals pay close attention to the health of patients on our waiting list. This unique combination of scientific advancement and compassionate care offers our patients outstanding outcomes on the waiting list: fewer deaths and more transplants.

The first two graphs below show the rates of death and transplant per year of waiting for UC Davis, other Northern California centers, and the US average. UC Davis achieves dramatically lower rates of death on the waiting list, and dramatically higher rates of transplant.

The final graph shows median waiting time, demonstrating how much more quickly UC Davis patients get transplanted.

Waiting list info: SRTR July 2012 release, covering 01/01/2011-12/31/2011

Waiting time info: SRTR July 2012 release, covering 01/01/2006 and 06/30/2011

percent adults died per year on waiting list

percent adults transplanted per year on waiting list

median time to transplant (months)