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UC Davis Health - Fall 2014

UC Davis Children’s Hospital promotes a lifetime of health

Fall 2014 Issue Cover

In this cover photo, Adriana Curiel shares her multitude of smiles with neonatologist Robin Steinhorn, chair of Pediatrics at UC Davis School of Medicine. Adriana, who was born with birth defects, has spent her first months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

'I really love babies'

Robin Stellhorn

As medical director of UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Robin Steinhorn is creating a powerhouse of pediatric care that she believes is well on its way to national prominence.

The long journey

The long journey

UC Davis is leading the way in muscular dystrophy research and care: For 11-year-old Jacob Rutt, it means the six-minute walk test places him at the starting line for the race of his life.

Miracle food: Unraveling the mysteries of mother’s milk

Miracle food: Unraveling the mysteries of mother’s milk

Components of nature's perfect food – human breast milk – play an extremely important role protecting against infectious diseases.


Alumni News

On Bioethics: Drugs and the pregnant patient: Perils, pitfalls and promising policy approaches

On BioethicsEnlightened public policy approaches to cases involving pregnant women with a legitimate medical need for medications that pose potential risks to the fetus can come about only through the inclusion of a multidisciplinary clinical perspective.
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Portraits of giving

Repairing the tiniest heart

Repairing the tiniest heartMajor cardiovascular surgery is usually the concern of an aging adult, not a newborn baby with a heart the size of a strawberry. Yet that's exactly the challenge that tiny Xavier Smith faced. Read more

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