UC Davis School of Medicine

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Volume 12 • No 2 • Fall 2015

Body of Knowledge


A summary of recent findings in clinical, translational and basic science research at UC Davis

Mother and child

Researchers at UC Davis have developed a new intervention that identifies potentially depressed mothers and encourages them to seek treatment via a unique approach that relies on pediatricians, rather than the mother’s doctor, for diagnosis.

testing blood sugar

Two UC Davis studies found a paradox: Diabetics with above-normal weight use health care less and report overall better physical health than their diabetic counterparts with normal weight. Study authors suggest that the extra weight does not protect diabetics, but that normal-weight people with diabetes have a more severe form of the disease.

illustration of cells

An international team of scientists led by UC Davis nephrologist Robert Weiss has used a sophisticated combination of proteomics and metabolomics to show how renal cell carcinoma reprograms its metabolism and evades the immune system. The results point to new therapeutic options for this particularly deadly cancer.

illustration of human back and spine

A therapy under development for spinal cord injuries stimulates nerve regeneration in the heart and provides resistance to arrhythmias following a heart attack, according to a study by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University, Case Western Reserve University and UC Davis.

caduceus symbol

Undocumented farmworkers are half as likely as those who are documented to use Medicaid, the federal health insurance program available to low-income individuals and families, according to a study from UC Davis. The study showed that the greatest predictor of farmworker use of Medicaid was having children.

smiling little girl

New research at the UC Davis MIND Institute on a large cohort of preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder has found differences in the underlying biology of their brains and in their behavior, which may help explain how the condition affects a little-studied and poorly understood population of children: girls.

medical vials

Public health specialists need to look beyond traditional solutions—such as expanding access to health insurance and primary care—to increase flu vaccination rates among older African-Americans and Hispanics, according to a study from UC Davis Health System and UCLA Health System.