UC Davis School of Medicine

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Volume 12 • No 2 • Fall 2015

They said it!


The focus of treating a child with ADHD should be less on the hyperactivity, as it may be a booster for cognitive functioning. If a child with ADHD is moving more and not interfering with others, they should let the child move.

Julie Schweitzer

The overall bottom line with most stem cell clinics in the U.S. is that collectively they could be viewed as conducting a huge, unapproved and for-profit stem cell experiment of a sort, on thousands of vulnerable patients who are often desperately looking for hope.

Paul Knoepfler

It’s not just estrogen, there’s progesterone, luteinizing hormone, blood volume, let me tell you: Women are different from men.

Charles DeCarli

Nobody thought anyone was watching. Nobody thought that they had a risk of getting caught. All this stuff happened right out in the open.

Garen Wintemute

No one should feel that they are free from ALD. If you are a Hispanic, you should be particularly concerned because you may be at even greater risk of serious liver damage from alcohol.

Christopher Bowlus