Dr Reginald Low

Gift from the heart for the heart
Couple’s gift ensures help for others with cardiac disease

When accountant Timothy Sargent was 43 and experiencing chest pains, he thought about his father a lot.

“My father died at 45 of a myocardial infarction,” says Sargent, who spent his working career at Intel.

Wanting to avoid the same fate, Sargent began a nearly three-decade-long relationship with UC Davis cardiologist Reginald Low, considered one of the best heart doctors in the Sacramento region and beyond.

His initial encounter with Low showed evidence of heart disease that could be addressed with diet and exercise.

“I was blessed with no additional cardiac procedures for the next 23 years, other than routine check-ups and occasionally a stress treadmill test,” Sargent says. “I maintained my weight, watched my diet and did cardio training every day.”

Yet in 2009, a crushing feeling in his chest along with nausea resulted in an emergency procedure to insert a stent to open up a blocked artery.

“I credit Dr. Low for his quick and decisive actions for saving me from a possible heart attack,” he says.

The relationship with Low and UC Davis has continued and expanded to include spine surgeon Munish Gupta, who treated Sargent for spinal compression.

Sargent and his wife, Fran, recently decided to help others with heart disease by establishing an estate gift to UC Davis that will support Low’s work.

“Since I have a personal and family history of cardiac issues, that was one of the areas of research we wanted to fund,” Sargent says.

Today, Sargent and his wife live in Phoenix, where they enjoy good health and good weather. But their appreciation of Low and UC Davis continues.

“I know Dr. Low has many duties and commitments as head of Cardio-vascular Medicine as well as his surgical and patient obligations. Yet, he took the time and interest to go out of his way to act on my behalf. I remain grateful and appreciative of his competency, professionalism, and ability to relate to his patients in a caring manner.”