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Volume 13 • No 1 • Spring 2016

They said it!


I think that as providers, we need to work with the developers of these technologies and the teenagers we’re trying to serve to come up with something that works better for them.

James Marcin

Right now, Latino patients often don’t learn about live kidney donation until they are in crisis, and that is a bad time to be learning about something complex and somewhat foreign to their culture.

Junichiro Sageshima

Pigeons may not be able to write poetry, but they’ve had millions of years to develop the abilities that they need to navigate a very complicated and dangerous world. So it doesn’t surprise me that they can do pathology!

Richard Levenson

Maybe it’s not as prominent as boys in the statistics, but girls do have autism and there is significant research that shows that girls with autism have a very different type than boys do. So I think females are equally as important to study.

Jill Silverman

The risk of permanent impairment is heightened by the fact that the brain, unlike most other organs, does not have the capacity to cure itself following all types of injuries. We are born with a certain number of neurons. We can only lose them; we cannot create new neurons to replenish old or dying ones.

Bennet Omalu