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Volume 13 • No 3 • Winter 2016/2017

Snapshot: Women in U.S. academic medicine

While academic medical centers are working toward increasing diversity among students, faculty and leaders, a 2014 Association of American Medical Colleges report also suggested that women remain underrepresented nationally in key career stages. A sampling of some key national findings in the biennial report (shown above and available as a free download on the AAMC website):


The percentage of women in academic medicine remained relatively flat over five years
52% men 32% women

full-time faculty holding positions of full and associate professor


new tenures who were women in 2014 report, unchanged since 2008–2009

62% male 38% female

full-time faculty at U.S. medical schools

Many women who take part-time positions do on account of dependent children, while men take them due to holding other professional positions

51% women 2003-2004 (peak) 46% women 2013-14

female applicants to U.S. medical schools

Although percentages have slowly increased, women continue to hold a smaller proportion of key leadership positions than do men


department chairs or deans were women in 2003–04


held these positions in 2013–14

16% of deans 15% of department chairs

were women in 2013-14


All data taken from The State of Women in Academic Medicine: the Pipeline and Pathways to Leadership 2013–2014 (Association of American Medical Colleges).

Report and image ©Association of American Medical Colleges