UC Davis School of Medicine

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Volume 13 • No 3 • Winter 2016/2017

They said it!


Diversity and inclusion excellence are important in the success and greatness of academic institutions, and the same can be said for research.

Julie Freischlag

Each population has its own needs and its own issues. With the new research and data we are seeing, there is some awareness, but not nearly enough of what is needed.

Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola

There’s incredible diversity among the viruses in our guts — way more diversity, actually, than you see in the gut bacteria. It’s this amazing, amazing world that has, so far, not been studied in a lot of detail.

Jonathan Eisen

I commonly hear parents thinking that it’s better to wait until their children are sexually active before immunizing. Younger children have a more robust immune response to HPV vaccine compared to older children and young adults.

Dean Blumberg

…How many thousands of people are dead today who would be alive if we had continued the research, answered tough questions and implemented policies based on those answers when those questions remain unanswered today?

Garen Wintemute