UC Davis Health System honored for high patient-satisfaction ratings

Nurse greeting hospital guest © iStockphoto
Four UC Davis Health System units were recognized for excellence in patient satisfaction.

Posted Oct. 15, 2010

Four UC Davis Health System units were honored for their high patient-satisfaction ratings by a company that conducts patient-satisfaction studies for more than 300 hospitals and health systems around the country.

Professional Research Consultants’ clients include the Mayo Clinic, the Shands and UC San Diego Medical Center. The health system survey program includes about 2,800 inpatient, 8,600 outpatient, 800 ER and 600 outpatient-surgery interviews a year.

Every year, PRC recognizes the health-care organizations and individuals among its clients that have exhibited excellence throughout the preceding year through the PRC Excellence in Healthcare Awards.

Using the data PRC collects for all of its clients nationally, UC Davis Health System is able to benchmark itself against other hospitals and medical groups around the country. This benchmarking, collected during calendar year 2009, serves as the basis for the health system’s patient-satisfaction awards.

Organizations that score in the 75th percentile or above, based on the percentage of their “excellent” ratings for overall quality of care, are recognized with 4-Star Awards for excellence in patient satisfaction. Those that reach the 90th percentile — or the top 10 percent — win prestigious 5-Star Awards.

Ann Madden Rice © UC Regents“The PRC surveys are a very important part of our overall commitment to safe, high-quality and patient-centered care.”
— Ann Madden Rice

The awards received by the health system were presented in July at the bimonthly Health System Administrative Leaders’ Meeting. Ann Madden Rice, CEO of UC Davis Medical Center, presented the awards.

“The PRC surveys are a very important part of our overall commitment to safe, high-quality and patient-centered care,” said Rice. “I thank you all for your discipline and your dedication to our patients.”

Three 5-Star Awards were received by the health system. One was awarded to the Same Day Surgery Center, marking the second year in a row that it earned the 5-Star award. The Same Day Surgery Center reached the 96th percentile among all of PRC’s outpatient surgery centers nationally. Eighty-three percent of the center’s patients scored the overall quality of care they received as “excellent.” Rebecca Ogden is the nurse manager of the Same Day Surgery Center.

A 5-Star Award went to the Tower 4 ENT and Internal Medicine unit, which was in the 95th percentile in satisfaction among inpatient med/surge units nationally. Toby Marsh, now an assistant director of Hospital and Clinics, formerly was the manager of Tower 4.

The East 6 Cardiothoracic Stepdown nursing unit earned a 5-Star Award for reaching the 90th percentile among other inpatient transitional care units nationally. Eunice Carlson is the unit’s nurse manager.

The emergency department received a 4-Star Award for reaching the 77th percentile nationally for patient satisfaction. Debra Trainor is the manager of the emergency department. Nathan Kuppermann, professor and chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine, leads the department’s quality-improvement initiatives and accepted the award along with Trainor.