The magazine of UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Fall/Winter 2016

Director’s message

Dear Reader,

I am delighted to share this newly updated issue of Synthesis with you. As you know, our long-time director, Ralph de Vere White, retired in June. I have assumed the role of acting director while recruitment is under way for Dr. de Vere White’s permanent replacement.

At the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are committed to doing the hard, scientific work of untangling the molecular underpinnings of cancers so that our patients are treated with the most precise and least toxic treatments available.

We want to make sure our patients are cared for in other ways, too. That’s why we provide an array of specialty clinics and other services such as nutrition counseling, pain management and supportive oncology care, among others.

This issue of Synthesis explores both the science and art of cancer healing with an introduction to some of our early-career cancer researchers and our molecular tumor board, as well as our sexual health clinics for men and women undergoing cancer treatment and our chemotherapy class — all designed to support patients through their cancer journey.

In delving into this issue, you may notice that the look of the magazine is different from past issues. We have updated the design with our patients in mind, so they have more easy-to-access information as they navigate their care here, as well as a resource to learn about the basic and translational science that drives the oncology field forward.

We hope you enjoy the magazine. If you have any suggestions for future editions, please contact our editor, Dorsey Griffith, at