A publication for alumni, donors, faculty and friends of UC Davis Health

Volume 15 • No 1 • Fall 2018


Notable quotes

Ben Waldau

“The whole idea with these organoids is to one day be able to develop a brain structure the patient has lost, made with the patient’s own cells. We see the injuries still there on the CT scans, but (otherwise) there’s nothing we can do.”

Cynthia Schumann

“It’s possible that having too many neurons early on could contribute to anxiety and challenges with social interactions. However, with time, that constant activity could wear on the system and lead to neuron loss.”

Rachel Whitmer

“It’s a call to action for the field to take seriously why women specifically are at higher risk of developing dementia, and what it is about the female brain and the hormonal milieu over the life course that sets the brain up for higher or lower risk.”

Ian Koebner

“I think art, in the broadest sense of the word, is an experience, not an object. And I believe that experience, which includes a sense of meaning, inspiration and connection, may be analgesic.”

Irva Hertz-Picciotto

“The evidence on diabetes is very consistent, and the magnitude of the risk is such that clinicians should be advising women with diabetes of the risk for their future child, and assisting them in achieving strong control of their blood glucose levels.”