Orthopaedic Surgery offerings

Through the UC Davis School of Medicine, there are a variety of Orthopaedic Surgery classes offered for credit.  Please review the UC Davis General Catalog for a listing of these courses.

Acting internships/externships

The primary elective suggested for students considering orthopaedics as their career choice is the acting internship (OSU 464 - please see UC Davis General Catalog link above). In this elective, students function in much the same manner as an intern on the service, with ward, clinical and surgical responsibilities. Additionally, students are required to participate in in-house call. Because UC Davis Health is an extremely busy level 1 trauma center, particularly in the summer months, this elective can be rather challenging, but it provides students with an excellent opportunity to expand their knowledge of orthopaedics. The elective also offers students the opportunity to learn about the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and to work with the faculty and residents.

The department offers the elective year-round for a minimum of four weeks and we require a minimum of eight weeks' notification should an applicant choose to drop this elective.  Please see the website for the Office of Medical Education for more information.

The department does not provide housing; however, a list of individuals who rent rooms to students at reasonable rates can be found here. Students are responsible for making housing arrangements. 

Visiting Students

***Please read first***

***As of December 1, 2009, the UC Davis School of Medicine accepts visiting students ONLY from LCME-accredited medical schools.  We no longer accept new applications from non-LCME accredited visiting medical students (including international medical students).***

Please visit the  visiting students website for more information on the application process.

Contact Information

Please contact Maggie Allen, Education Programs Coordinator for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, for details at malallen@ucdavis.edu or 916-734-4025.