Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program – Getting off to a good start!

We at the UC Davis Bariatric Surgery Clinic are pleased to offer an optional non-surgical weight loss program.  This is a full meal replacement program with nutritionally complete products – meaning the products provide all the protein, carbohydrate, fat and essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.  This very low calorie diet (VLCD) causes the body to burn fat for energy.  The products are low in carbohydrates and fat while still providing the minimum amount needed for health.  This is a structured program, which helps take out the guess work needed to provide complete nutrition on a VLCD, in a setting medically monitored for a safe rate of weight loss. 

The average rate of weight loss from program start weight is ~10-12%.  The program’s educational sessions will build the foundational lifestyle changes needed to promote weight loss and long term weight maintenance beyond the completion of the program.  This program is offered to 18+ year olds with a BMI greater than 30; however some contraindications exist and will be assessed. 

Patients will need to request a referral from their primary care physician for: ROBARD NON SURGICAL WEIGHT LOSS.  Once a referral is received, you will receive a call to be scheduled into our triage clinic.  This will be a telephone appointment with one of our registered dietitians who will explain the program in more detail, obtain your medical history and determine if this program is an appropriate fit.  Recent lab work, EKG and a medical clearance appointment with our medical provider is required prior to starting the program. 

Patients will come to the clinic to pick up their products every 1-2 weeks however the weekly virtual visits now provide more flexibility for our patients living in outlying areas.”

Benefits of the program

  • Appropriate calorie level to promote weight loss
  • Appropriate macronutrient balance
  • High-quality protein
  • All essential nutrients provided by products alone
  • Medical monitoring

Our program consists of:

  • 12 weeks of full meal replacement; 5-7 products per day* 
  • 4 weeks of transition 
  • Personalized support with weekly educational sessions with a registered dietitian

*Depending on starting weight, and desired weight loss

Financial Commitment and Product Policy and Procedures

$500 Program Fee ($125 per month):
  • Weekly virtual group sessions with Registered Dietitian for total of 4 months
  • Maintenance phase monthly group sessions after initial 4-month program
$450 StartUp Kit:
  • Initial consultation with dietitian
  • First 1-2 weeks of product with variety of flavors

Medical Visit Copay: Dependent on Insurance (total of 3 visits)


Daily # of Products

Cost Per Week










See the Financial Commitment and Product Policy and Procedures  (PDF)

What type of products are included?
Ready to drink shakes, powder shakes/pudding, soups, and bars.
Can I consume the products if I have food allergies?
All products contain milk and sugar substitutes. The soups contain soy and wheat. The bars contain soy and 3 of the 4 flavors are gluten free. The bars may contain traces of peanuts or other tree nuts.
Can I pick up more than 1 week of product at a time?
After it has been established that you tolerate the products well (1-2 weeks), you may pick up 2 weeks’ worth of product at a time.
Can the products be shipped?
At this time, we cannot ship products. They must be purchased and picked up in person in our Sacramento clinic.
What if I am hungry after eating all my products?
It usually takes 1-2 weeks for hunger levels to adjust to the lower calorie diet. If after that time you’re still experiencing large amounts of hunger, we can work with you to add in vegetables throughout the day.
What do I do if I have a planned or unplanned trip that comes up?
Please communicate with us as soon as possible. We can try to coordinate so you have plenty of product to take with you. If needed, we can adjust you into a hybrid program as well.

What happens during the weekly sessions?
The weekly sessions meet in a small group setting, every Wednesday morning virtually on Zoom for ~45 minutes facilitated by a registered dietitian for 16 total weeks. We touch base with the group on the past week and review an education topic.
What happens if I have to skip a session?
Please communicate with us as soon as possible. Repeated skipped sessions will not be approved as regular participation in the group is required.
Can I exercise while on the program?
Yes, but we ask that activity levels be low intensity for the first two weeks of the program as your body is adjusting to a very low calorie diet.
Am I allowed to eat off the program?
This program is what you make of it. If you want to eat off program, we can discuss that with you and how to best incorporate food into the program; however, this may impact your weight loss results.
What symptoms should I expect to experience?
Most patients feel fine while on the program however initially some patients may experience low energy or possibly have low blood sugars.
How much weight can I expect to lose?
On average we see ~10-12% weight loss while on the 16 week program.
What happens after 12 weeks if I’m not at my weight loss goal?
Patients can stay on a hybrid program – a max of 3 products per day with a few meals. We offer a virtual monthly support group after the program as well.
What happens during transition?
The transition phase is weeks 13-16 on the program. We decrease the number of products you are on and add in small, balanced meals. You may transition completely off the products by the end of 16 weeks or stay on a hybrid program.

What if I’m not ready to transition?
Many patients don’t feel ready to transition off of the very low calorie diet because they like the rate of weight loss. However, your body needs more nutrition on a daily basis long term. We are still here to support you and your goals after transition via our monthly support group.
Can I purchase products after finishing the program?
Yes, if you have completed the 16 week program then you may purchase products for a hybrid program.
What is the wait time to restart the program after transition?
We prefer a three month or longer stretch of time between programs.
What is the rationale for not having a longer weight loss period?
A very low calorie diet is not recommended to follow long term.