Special care for special kids

As part of UC Davis Children’s Hospital, our goal is to shorten or eliminate hospital stays by providing excellent clinical care for children at home. We support the family’s role in promoting patient health and well-being through individualized education and on-going support. We are a family-centered, supportive program that provides safe medical care for children in the comfortable environment of their own home. Pediatric patients have unique needs that are often better taken care of at home. Our program allows patients to stay close to family and friends, and maintain as normal a routine as possible.

Pediatric home care provides full coordination of all details connected with the patient’s medical treatment. Our multi-disciplinary home care team implements and supports the orders of the patient’s physician and other clinic professionals, ensuring continuous quality care. Our team includes highly trained and dedicated nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, social workers and support staff. We provide services in the home that range from chemotherapy administration, IV central line access training, maintenance and repair to medication management, patient and caregiver education, and advanced wound care with a certified wound care specialist. We provide transition care to pediatric hospice services and coordinate care with doctors, clinical nurse specialists, ALTA California Regional Center, California Children’s Services, public health nurses, laboratories, medical supply companies and outpatient pharmacies.

Pediatric home care includes more than just caring for the patient. We are caring for the family as a unit. Patients and families need to be involved, informed and feel secure. We include families in treatment-related decisions and we individualize care plans to fit patient needs and family lifestyles. We provide education and support to families and caregivers to help build the skills and confidence needed for required procedures and treatments.

UC Davis pediatric home care uses the same primary pediatric nursing model as our Children’s Hospital. Our pediatric home care program is a natural extension of the quality nursing care provided by the University Children’s Hospital. We treat the whole family, not only the patient. Our program allows patients and their families to get back to the more important things in life – special times with family, friends, school, and play.