Hospice provides bereavement follow up and supportive grief counseling to those individuals directly involved in the lives of those patients we serve.

In the first few weeks following a death, the bereavement coordinator, or member of the team, will contact you, to reintroduce the bereavement services available and to assess how you are doing. You will receive a packet of information regarding grief and loss. This packet will include brief literature related to the topic which may prove helpful, along with a listing of bereavement support groups and services in our community.

If you and your loved ones are coping appropriately and desire no further assistance, the bereavement coordinator will continue to stay in contact with you throughout the year, either by mail or phone, to remind you that the services are available, if ever you should desire further assistance. If you feel you would like additional support throughout this process, the bereavement coordinator is available to meet with you, individually or as a group, to provide further assistance and support. This service is available throughout the 13-month period following the death.

UC Davis Hospice Program also provides bereavement support groups at different times of the year. You will receive an invitation to the next available group after approximately three months. Even if our services have ended, the bereavement coordinator can assist you with referral information for ongoing support and counseling.

Bereavement Support Groups

UC Davis Hospice Program recognizes the need for bereavement support not only for those who had loved ones on hospice, but for any member of the community grieving the loss of a loved one.

Bereavement support at UC Davis Hospice Program are provided free of charge to the community and available at various times throughout the year. We provide different models of support for different members of the community.

Bereavement Group Meeting Dates

  • General Bereavement Support Group: This group meets four times a year. Dates and times vary, contact the bereavement department at 916-731-6867 for more information.

  • Parents of a Pediatric aged Child Support Group: This group meets in January, 6-7:30 pm for eight weeks. Registration is ongoing throughout the year.

  • Young Adult Bereavement Group: Meets twice a year in February and September. Group size is limited,registration is ongoing throughout the year. More information can be found in this flier (pdf).

For more information or to register, contact the bereavement department at 916-731-6867.

General Bereavement Support Group: This group is a six week long group that is open to any adult grieving the loss of a loved one. This group is provided four times a year, and at day time and evening schedules. The group meets once a week for 90 minutes for those six weeks to address the issues of loss and to encourage a healthy grief process.

Parents of a Pediatric aged Child Support Group: This group is an eight week support group open to any parent who has lost a pediatric aged child. This group is provided once a year in the evening, meeting for 90 minutes each week for the eight weeks.

Young Adult Bereavement Art Support Group: This group is an eight week support group, designed specifically for young adults, and is open to any young adult between the ages of 17 and 24, who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

For more information regarding any of these groups, or to register for a group, please click here to contact the bereavement coordinator for hospice.