Hands supporting each otherThe Home Health Program at the University of California at Davis offers the opportunity for patients to receive skilled medical care in the comfort of their home.  Members of the Home Health care team work collaboratively with physicians to provide the highest level of patient-centered care. The goal of the Home Health program is to provide patients with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve maximum functioning and independence at home.

Why Choose UC Davis Home Health?

Patients prefer UC Davis Home Health
UC Davis Home Health is nationally ranked among the highest in patient satisfaction. 

UC Davis physicians prefer UC Davis Home Health  
The advanced electronic medical record system allows Home Health clinicians and physicians to exchange up to the minute information resulting in better patient outcomes.

UC Davis Home Health clinicians are leaders in their field           
All clinical nurses at UC Davis Home Health hold Bachelor of Nursing Degrees and Physical Therapists hold Masters and Doctorate degrees.  Nurses and Therapists hold other advanced degrees and certifications.

Patients improve more with UC Davis Home Health
UC Davis Home Health demonstrates proven results and is nationally ranked in helping patients improve their functional status.

UC Davis Home Health offers advanced home therapies
As part of a leading Academic Medical Center, UC Davis Home Health patients can be assured they are receiving cutting-edge medical care provided in the home.

UC Davis Home Health keeps patients out of the hospital          
UC Davis Home Health is ranked nationally in keeping patients from preventable hospitalizations.

Eligibility Requirements for Home Health patients

Eligible patients must be willing to participate in the plan of care established with the physicians, and Home Health clinicians.  Patients must initially demonstrate a need for skilled care provided by a Registered Nurse or Physical Therapist.  Patients also must experience a great and taxing effort to leave the home.  Potential patients can make an appointment with their UC Davis Physician who can help decide if UC Davis Home Health is right for them.  For additional information on the Home Health Program's eligibility requirements, please call (916)734-2458.