Customized treatment options for individualized needs

Non-surgical treatment

Many patients with spinal disorders may not require surgical intervention. Our specialists provide comprehensive evaluation of each patient through biomechanical assessment, radiologic studies and a thorough physical examination. Treatment plans may include physical therapy with a therapist experienced in spinal disorders, orthotics for bracing or treatment by experts in manual therapy techniques.

Our specially trained physiatrists and physical therapists can provide the patient with individual, personalized attention. If the patient’s condition is not resolved, further non-operative protocols, consultation with pain specialists or surgical consultation may be considered.

Surgical treatment

If surgery is necessary, our orthopaedic and neurosurgical spine specialists make recommendations based on successful procedures and protocols developed through experience in treating thousands of patients. Some patients may be appropriate for such cutting-edge procedures as minimally invasive surgery or non-fusion technologies, including artificial disc and dynamic stabilization.

Prior to surgery, our surgeon meets with the patient and family members to explain the procedure and answer questions. Pre-operative education with spine center nurses also helps the patient know what to expect before and after surgery.

Spinal Diagnostic/Therapeutic Track Referral

Referring physicians may request specific procedures, such as epidural steroids, which are scheduled on an expedited basis. Referring physicians also may request other procedures for a particular diagnosis or to clarify a diagnosis. A referral to the Spinal Diagnostic/Therapeutic Track does not include a comprehensive evaluation. The outpatient appointment consists of a pre-procedural assessment, followed immediately by the procedure. After the procedure is completed, the patient is discharged.

Treatment of specific spinal conditions

Our specialists provide expert diagnosis and treatment for many spinal conditions. Please visit our specialty list for more information on treatment options available for specific conditions.