What are common spinal disorders suffered by athletes?

Athletic injuries can include sprains, strains, disc herniations, vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis), or overuse injuries that can lead to muscle fatigue or small bone fractures (spondylolysis).

How are disorders of athletes treated?

Treating injured athletes and returning them to their chosen sport requires special attention to the mechanics of the sport. Overuse injuries present special problems for athletes and those responsible for their health care because they require changes in training regimens and equipment. At the UC Davis Spine Center, therapists and physicians know that achieving recovery and preventing future injury requires an individual approach.

Most overuse injuries and other sports-related conditions will respond to exercise and exercises aimed at improving flexibility, balance and strength. Some injuries may, however, require sports modification or, as a last result, surgery.

UC Davis physicians and therapists are expertly trained to work with athletes of all levels. Our specialists have the distinction of working with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams, Sacramento's professional basketball teams and the UC Davis and American River College athletic programs.