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Intervenciones de emergencia en salud pública en comunidades con acceso limitado a salud

Desde su concepción, ÓRALE aspiró a ser una colaboración real entre organizaciones comunitarias y UC Davis.

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Designing public health interventions for emergencies in underserved communities

From its conception, ÓRALE aimed to be a true partnership, at all levels, between community based organizations and UC Davis.

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Antivirals offer rapid on-the-spot treatment for COVID-19 in farmworker communities

The “Test To Treat” initiative to make the highly-effective new antiviral pills available to all holds out particular promise for ongoing efforts to address health disparities related to COVID-19

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The power of the community leads to change

Farmworkers' trusted partners need to be at the beginning of the conversation when planning for COVID-19 help programs.

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The fight of immigrant's trusted partners

We are navigating in a world of moving targets exposed now to the latest Omicron and before we turn to look, here creeps in the stealth upgraded version of it...

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Why rapid access to anti-viral treatment matters for ÓRALE COVID-19 clients

Anti-viral treatments could be key to farmworker and other low income immigrants if treated immediately. This is what ÓRALE COVID-19 can do. By Ed Kissam.

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Blog de ÓRALE, la voz de la comunidad

Los socios comunitarios definen la estrategia y el éxito de ÓRALE en cada evento de pruebas de diagnóstico de COVID19. Este blog nace como una plataforma para reflejar ese punto de vista único.

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