In today’s episode, we discuss the wonderful world of snacks! It is common for kids, and especially younger kids, to eat more frequently — about 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Snacks are a great way to help your child eat more fruits, veggies, and other important things like fiber. However, excessive snacking of non-nutritious foods can also lead to obesity and disinterest in meal time. The best options for snacks are fresh fruits and veggies or whole-grain crackers and cereals. As kids get older, it is important to make sure that they have nutritious snacks and are properly hydrated before a sports game or practice. Join us for a review of snacking and how to get the most out of snack time. Pro tip — planning ahead and having healthy snacks on hand can help with a busy schedule! 

This episode was written by Drs. Dean Blumberg, Dr. Lena van der List  and Abby Michalak. 

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Photo from Children's Hospital Colorado