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Preventing Home Medication Errors

In this episode, we talk with patient safety advocate Dr. Ulfat Shaikh about preventing home medication errors.

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Pediatric Cancer with Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance

In this episode we review pediatric cancer. We check in with Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance, a non-profit that supports families on the incredibly challenging journey of navigating a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

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Chronic Pain

1 in 4 children will experience an episode of chronic pain. In this episode we talk with Dr. Pritha Multani about what causes chronic pain and evidence based treatments to help alleviate it.

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Forever Chemicals

In this podcast we review PFAs, a group of human-made chemicals, that can lead to many health effects. We review what they are, what they are in and how to avoid them!

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Teen Sleep

In this podcast we review teen sleep. Including how much they need, the health implications and how to work to improve sleep quality and duration.

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'Tis the season- FOR INFLUENZA

Influenza has been particularly bad this year. In this podcast we discuss this common respiratory virus.

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The Power of Play- Episode Throw Back!

To ring in 2023 we take it back to one of our first episodes, highlighting the importance of play for children.

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