Unravelling the Wonder Drug: Penicillin Allergy

Although antibiotics such as penicillin are life saving drugs, many people opt to avoid using them due to assumptions of being allergic to penicillin. In today’s podcast we are joined by Dr. Victoria Dimitriades, a pediatric allergist immunologist, to discuss the myths surrounding antibiotic allergies, how pediatricians may consider attributing the characteristics of a rash to antibiotics related to penicillin, and when it may be appropriate to be referred to an allergy specialist for further allergy testing. 

 This episode was written by Drs. Victoria Dimitriades, Lena van der List, Dean Blumberg and Neha Valluri.

 We thank Dr. Victoria Dimitriades, a pediatric allergist immunologist at UC Davis Children's Hospital, for joining us for this episode, although Drs. Lena and Dean take full responsibility for any errors or misinformation.

 Supplemental information:

 Penicillin photo courtesy of Julia Serat, award winning photographer at Shriners Hospital for Children Northern California.  Penicillin vial courtesy of Jesse L. Steinfeld, MD.