New pediatric pulmonary sickle cell clinic

Our comprehensive pulmonary sickle cell clinic for children and young adults up to age 24, is designed to address complications such as asthma, exercise intolerance, and sleep disordered breathing. It is the first clinic of its kind in the Sacramento area. By embedding the pediatric pulmonologist into the sickle cell clinic, patients receive continuity from the same team giving their regular sickle cell care. They also receive the added benefit of addressing breathing problems with the help of a lung expert. Highest-risk patients are identified by their hematologist and referred to the clinic, which provides pulmonary function testing and home sleep studies.

First pediatric laryngoscopy procedure performed in sleep clinic

UC Davis’ pediatric pulmonology team successfully performed its first flexible laryngoscopy procedure in the pediatric sleep clinic. As Sacramento’s only clinic to offer this service, the procedure provides information about the upper airway anatomy and possible reasons for upper airway obstruction. The findings of this procedure can guide physicians and families on the best management strategies for their child’s pulmonary and sleep-related conditions.