GI patients gain more access to mental health services

Pediatric patients with chronic gastrointestinal conditions now have access to mental health services and support through the UC Davis CAARE Center, thanks to a unique integrated care model launched at UC Davis Health. Funded by the Department of Pediatrics, patients can connect with a mental health therapist — regardless of health insurance or ability to pay — to understand needs and undergo therapies that address high-risk behaviors, emotional difficulties, and improve child-caregiver relationships.

New vice chair of ambulatory operations

Pediatric gastroenterologist Daphne Say, M.D., was appointed to the new position of vice chair of ambulatory operations at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, where she serves as a physician-administrator to lead pediatric ambulatory care. Her job duties include engaging in administrative oversight of physician provider issues at the UC Davis Glassrock Clinic, pediatric subspecialty clinics, Sacramento Native American Health Center and Sacramento County Health Center.

New review examines post pandemic telehealth landscape

A new review by Daphne Say, M.D., and co-authors assesses the current pediatric gastroenterology telehealth landscape and examines challenges — such as inequitable access to broadband internet and poor digital literacy — that inhibit successful telehealth implementation and sustainability. Published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, the authors propose avenues for improvement in pediatric telehealth GI practice including identifying clinical scenarios best suited for virtual evaluation, standardizing telehealth curricula for pediatric GI trainees, and developing recommendations for return to in-person care.