Team Hope Walk eventNorthern California has an array of events every year.  Dates and times may vary.   Please contact HD Social Worker, Lisa Mooney at 916-734-6277 or for upcoming events.

More up-to-date information may also be available on our Facebook Page:

Northern California has multiple support groups in the area.  Both in-person and virtual support groups are available.  Here is the listing of support groups as of April 2021, please contact Lisa Mooney or the group facilitator to confirm the date and time of the group you wish to attend.  Most support groups are open to ALL persons connected to HD, some groups are for Care Partners only and those will be noted in the listing.  All support groups are professionally facilitated by Social Worker or Genetic Counselor with HD understanding/knowledge.  Each group is 1.5 hours in length and meets monthly, unless noted otherwise. 

Support Groups - Rev 3.2021 (PDF)

Northern California HD Community offers about 4-6 HD educational events each year, in-person and virtual.   Most educational events range from 2-6 hours in length depending on topics, date & location.  Education events are open to ALL persons and FREE to attend.   These events happen at varying locations across Northern California usually in the San Francisco/Bay Area or Greater Sacramento Area.

Each year there are about 4-8 advocacy and/or fundraising events in Northern California.  Fundraising is to raise money and awareness about HD.  Events range from walks, letters to representatives about legislative needs, fun runs, celebration dinners and other fun events. 

You may also find more support groups, events or Advocacy Events by visiting other organizations serving the Northern Ca HD Community:

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