The purpose of UC Davis Medical Center's Medical Staff Well-Being Committee is to support the health and wellness of our Medical Staff members, and in so doing, protect patient welfare, improve patient care, and improve Medical Staff functioning.  The Committee works to achieve this purpose through prevention of, and intervention in, alcohol-related, drug-related, and behavioral problems affecting members of the Medical Staff.  The Committee also supports Medical Staff members who are involved  with the Medical Board regarding impairment issues.

  • The Medical Staff Well-Being Committee has developed a supportive, non-punitive process for identifying, referring for treatment, and monitoring Medical Staff members who may be suffering from impairment resulting from drug or alcohol use or other disabling psychiatric or physical conditions that pose a threat to acceptable professional functioning and patient care.
  • The process is designed to provide assistance and rehabilitation rather than discipline to aid Medical Staff members in retaining acceptable professional functioning consistent with quality of care.  Studies have shown that our process has a higher than 90% five year success rate.
  • The process is confidential.  All consultations and discussions are held in private locations, and documentation and records are handled confidentially.